Tradition VS. Imperial System

When people listen to the word, “emperor,” people would imagine lavish lifestyle, which means Western sense of the Emperor. Basil Hall Chamberlain, who was the professor of the Imperial University of Tokyo, was appalled at the transition of the age, Meiji period, and noted about it in a short essay called “The Invention of a New Religion.” Besides the details of what happened behind, what Mr. Chamberlain pointed out was the change of bureaucratic system to spread the worship of Mikado, or Tenno, which means the emperor in English term. He called the new system to worship Tenno, the Emperor, through educating military men and students in primary and secondary education, the Invention of a New Religion.

As Mr. Chamberlain points out, most of the intellectuals did not worship any religion in Japan. However, under Meiji regime, the bureaucrats suddenly formed a system to worship Tenno, the Emperor. The ordinary people, merchants or craftsmen did not have any knowledge of Tenno, the Emperor, until the end of Meiji Period.

After Meiji Restoration, the eligibility of Tenno(Imperial) system was created and became official under the name of Imperial House Law on February 11th, 1912. Under the new system, the emperor has to be male, and the position of Tenno, the Emperor, after one emperor passes away.

A lot or most of the Japanese people tend to believe the tradition which was created after Meiji Period, which was stipulated in 1912. However, looking at history, there are many cases in which the emperor abdicated the position and become retired Tenno, here in this essay. It is not too much to say that a lot of emperors abdicated the position of the emperor when he or she was alive.

A lot of people would wonder why the legal system which was established by Meiji Imperial System is still in effect. During Occupation of Japan under GHQ measure (1945-1952) Douglas MacArthur did not change the most important definition regarding Tenno, the Emperor, in the constitution. Douglas MacArthur first ordered bureaucrats to write the draft of the new constitution. However, they did not understand the importance of the change of the definition of the Emperor in the constitution. The Japanese bureaucrats kept on defining the Emperor as the supreme existence. Douglas MacArthur ordered to change the definition of the emperor from supreme to symbolic existence in the new constitution, acknowledging the true role of the Emperor throughout history. Douglas MacArthur knew that the Emperor was not a dictator of the country.

Besides the Constitution of Japan, old legal system from Meiji era was adopted in Japan in the post war era. That is one of the reasons why the Emperor abdicates the position when he passes away. Historically, the Meiji Imperial Government inherited the Imperial House Law from tradition of Tokugawa Regime from Edo Period. Under Tokugawa Regime, the oldest son in the family has the right to inherit the throne and the throne must be inherited after Shogun passed away.

This tradition was adopted by Meiji Regime. No one wants to discuss this. Major media just discuss the “issues” of the current system, which is based on Tokugawa Regime. At the same time, the tradition that the eldest son “must” inherit the throne is not the tradition of the Imperial Household originally. It was decided by bureaucrats in Meiji Period. They adopted the system of Tokugawa Regime in the Imperial House Law.

Here, I would like to ask a question to those who read this blog. A lot of people believe that the Emperor is the emperor. What is the true role of the Emperor? The Emperor wakes up at 4 o’clock in the morning and does Shinto rituals. Historically, when there were conflicts among the clans, the emperor’s main role was to moderate the conflicts or confrontations among clans. The Emperor of Japan was never the Emperor as Douglas MacArthur understood during occupational period. Defining the Emperor as symbolic was the best description of the emperor, Tenno.

Now, the current Emperor’s wish is to abdicate his throne. Would you follow the tradition or created tradition after Meiji Period? The Emperor has the rights to abdicate the throne following the tradition of the Imperial System. At the same time, why cannot the female become the emperor of Japan? The Emperor is not a dictator. He is the symbol of Japanese culture.

To Find Friends-A Victim of Politics

It is not too much to say Mr. Masaaki Hiroi is my lifelong friend. He became my friend when I was two years old. He did not talk to me first. He let me stay beside him and quietly showed me his working process, which was making wooden toys which he designed in his mind. Without talking much about ourselves, we became friends through Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s wooden toys. It is hard to express in one word. However, I could tell that I was so into Mr. Hiroi’s working process, the process of making one artwork out of one piece of wood. As a child, I was drawn to Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s creativity and at the same time it was so fun to see one process of work. My relationship with Mr. Hiroi has lasted through Mr. Hiroi’s artwork. Later, I came to know what motivates him to create thousands of original enthusiastic wooden toys when I started to interview for the book, “Wonder Man,” which I wrote in 2013. It’s a picture biography of Mr. Masaaki Hiroi. It is a story of how Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s original art works were born with photos.

The real motive to write stories about Mr. Masaaki Hiroi was that there was not a book about him as an artist even in Japanese. There was a book in Japanese about himself and he appreciated the fact that a book about him was published. However, at the same time, he was not satisfied with the fact that he is written as a part of his family history. I wanted to write about him through explaining the birth of tops and wooden toys he designed in his mind and created.

He does not talk much about himself. However, his artworks tell his personality. It was after I started interviewing him that I started to know about his real childhood in more detail. I knew that he experienced the Pacific War. He was born in 1935 in Koto Ward, Tokyo. His family served for Tokugawa Regime as a doctor. There is a temple that has historical reference of Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s family.

He has tragic experience of losing his mother and younger brother during Great Tokyo Air Raid on March 10th, 1945. He still does not know what really happened that night. At the same time, he lost his classmates. There was only one classmate who survived Great Tokyo Air Raid. It was heartbreaking to hear his stories and experiences which I wrote in the book, “Wonder Man.” This is my personal opinion but I think he is one of the victims of political power games, which was played by Hideki Tojo.

It is true that he had tragic experiences during the Pacific War. However, he does not have any single animosity against American people or America as a nation. As he recalled, he was relieved through interacting with kind soldiers right after the Pacific War.

Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s strong motive to make friends and visiting various places opened his new career as a wooden toy designer and artist. He has experience holding exhibition with Shiko Munakata (Munakata Shiko), a world famous woodblock print artist. His artworks attracted attention of Toyota Motor Co. and many major companies and renowned researchers at that time. I read a essays by famous artists and actors in which Mr. Masaaki Hiroi wrote (Eyes of Three Hundred People, Sanbyaku-Nin no Me in Japanese).

After gaining attention domestically, he started to want to visit foreign countries. He especially wanted to visit the United States. A lot of people might think that he would have strong hateful feelings against the United States because of his childhood experience. However, it was completely opposite of what people would imagine. He wanted to make “friends” with American people through his original wooden toys.

Mr. Masaaki Hiroi made a history to land on the United States as the first craftsman in history. His first destination was Seattle and Bellvue, WA. He could not speak English but he was happy to make friends with many American people through his wooden designer toys. To commemorate his first visit as a craftsman in the United States, Mr. Masaaki Hiroi was awarded as a honored citizen by Seattle. At that time, there was no system of awarding honored citizen in Seattle, so he became the first honored citizen of Seattle. After his first visit to Seattle and Bellevue, he visited more than 30 countries. His artworks became tributes to royal families and unofficial gifts to royal families. Mr. Masaaki Hiroi made wooden toys as tributes to Hirohito, the Emperor Showa, as well.

It does not matter whether the person is on Wikipedia or not. However, no one can deny the numerous accomplishments of Mr. Masaaki Hiroi in many countries. Because of his age, he holds exhibits mainly in Japan nowadays.

Despite his desperate experience in his childhood, Mr. Masaaki Hiroi never gives up his hope to make new friends and experience something new for inspiration to create wooden toys.

One day, when Mr. Masaaki Hiroi was much much younger, his father went back to his old house which was completely burned down during the bombing. Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s father saw two bodies with babies which became ash. In front of him, a wind blew and the ashes were blown away with the wind. There is no trace of what happened to Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s mother and brother even though he knows that they passed away during the bombing. Mr. Masaaki Hiroi has strong resentment against the treatment of the Japanese Government. It is not impossible for him to ask the Japanese Government to acknowledge the death of his mother and his younger brother. However, it is not just the paperwork for him that he lost his family. To him, it is his family, and a part of his life.

It is not too much to say that Mr. Masaaki Hiroi became a victim of political ambitions of Hideki Tojo and his advocates. He was just a child when he lost his family. People’s lives were driven by politicians and the government never took responsibility for what really happened at that time. What Hideki Tojo did. Should Hideki Tojo be enshrined in Yasukuni Shrine as one of the soldiers who sacrificed for the nation? Hideki Tojo could not even kill himself in spite of what he did. Why is Hideki Tojo enshrined as a soldier who sacrificed one’s life during the war? Some war criminals were so ashamed regarding the enshrinement of Yasukuni Shrine as they did not die for the country like other soldiers.

Hirota Koki was executed as class-A war criminal and was enshrined in Yasukuni Shrine. Hirota Koki’s family members are too ashamed to be enshrined in Yasukuni Shrine because of what happened to Japanese people and he felt responsibility to what Japan did to the United States. Hirota Koki’s family never visit Yasukuni Shrine to morn Hirota Koki. Despite the fact, Hideki Tojo’s family still claim that Hideki Tojo was not responsible for the Pacific War despite the decisions he made just before the Pacific War. Lieutenant General Ryuji Ohnishi, who came up with the idea of Kamikaze, left a suicide note that he is responsible for the disaster of the Pacific War and commit harakiri at the time the Pacific War ended. Many military men commit harakiri and Hideki Tojo made his opponent, who were against Hideki Tojo’s policy of the Pacific War, commit harakiri.

May Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s innocent mother and brother happily rest in peace somewhere somewhere wonderful where Mr. Masaaki Hiroi will be laughing together. May Mr. Masaaki Hiroi’s mother and  his brother rest in peace.

There should never be political victims like Mr. Masaaki Hiroi. He was only ten years old when he experienced Great Tokyo Air Raid. His mother and his brother disappeared.

What if there had not been the Pacific War?

What if the former Foreign Minister Shidehara had not been destroyed by Japanese major media? What if Shidehara’s policy of peace policy realized?

Every person has the right to pursue happiness. The government does not have any rights to take away people’s happiness.

Mr. Masaaki Hiroi pursues art as a wooden toy designer and craftsman to please people with surprise regardless of nationality and culture.



How Adolf Hitler Became “Hitler”

Adolf Hitler(1889-1945) is one of the infamous figure in 20th century, leaving bloody history behind. His death is full of mystery. It is said that he managed to escape instead of committing suicide.

The current administration of Japan started a system to allocate all the numbers to people. Now, all the information such as date and place of birth, insurance, pension, social security is to be controlled by the national government. It seems relevant to social security system in the United States. However, there are different outcomes through adoption of this new legal system.

The whole nation can now be controlled by centralized government. This, in my opinion, is close to totalitarianism. The information could be controlled by the centralized government and could easily be controlled.

Hitler promised the citizens to offer housing, and cars to the people of the nation with exceptions. He himself is said to have Jewish ancestor but what he did to Jewish people was the worst nightmare of the 20th century. He committed so-called ethnic cleansing and murdered millions of Jewish people in concentration camps.

Adolf Hitler was not only a socialist but also a totalitarian.

It is not impossible to assume that the current administration of Japan could take the step of totalitarianism in the future. Now, the centralized government has the information about every single people in the country and has control over what people do.

The path to the Pacific War was started by jingoism by major Japanese media. Strong criticism against foreign policy and instigation of the public opinion were promoted by Japanese major media.

If Japan goes off the right way, there are possibilities of threat to the people of Japan as happened during WWII. General public were the victims of the war.

The current administration does not have intention to change the current Constitution of Japan. Instead, the administration is going to make legal amendment and change the definition of Self Defense Force without changing the Constitution of Japan. I can tell that some people feel resentment against the policy and decisions made by the current administration of Japan.

We must not forget the scary fact. Before WWII started, Hitler started a major transformation of the national policies without changing the Weimar Constitution, which was promulgated in 1919 after Germany’s loss of WWI.

Until he got elected, he hid his real personality and his desire in his political career as a totalitarian in addition to his ideology of socialism. It was after he got elected that he started to take control of the whole nation with new policies by using major media.

A lot of people tend to think that he changed everything from the Constitution. However, Hitler was smarter than how he was thought to be. What he chose to do was to have a major shift in legal system, not the Constitution.

After Hitler got elected, he started to show his radical side and made a major transformation in legal system. He started to radicalize the policies and treated Jewish people inhumanely under the Weimar Constitution.

It is not just the change of legal system. People must be aware of what is really going on in a nation. Major transformation of policies is possible by changing legal system.

The major centralization could lead to totalitarianism, which may go through the same path as what happened in Germany during WWII under Hitler’s dictatorship.

The issues of Japan aside…

There are refugee crises. This is caused by letting pouring numbers of what they call “Syrians” into the countries without background screening. If people call themselves as refugees, are they truly refugees? At the same time, accepting “refugees” or illegal immigrants who will be in favor of the current administration is a major issue. ISIS could sneak into the country with refugee status. ISIS is based in Syria. Terrorists may never enter into the country as refugees. At the same time, people with criminal backgrounds are not illegal immigrants with “act of love.”

So-called Amnesty organization is helping illegal immigrants as “human rights” organization. Those who cross the border from Mexico with criminal backgrounds do not come to the United States with act of love. They will continue violence in the United States. What is the point of accepting potential violent criminals? Shooting of Kate Steinle which happened on July 1st this year represent the problem of accepting illegal immigrants with criminal background including minor crimes. One of the issues is that the children who are accepted to the U.S. is not children under the age of 18.

Going back to the main topic of the story…, do you think something is missing from the nation?

What is the difference between dictatorship and true democracy?

Who should be fighting for the totalitarian centralized government?

Do you believe in small government and capitalism?

Democracy And Individual Rights

This year, 2015, was the anniversary of 800th years since Magna Carta was agreed by King John of England.

The history of United States of America could be summarized as democracy and individual rights to express opinions. The Declaration of Independence meant that United States had won individual rights of resistance against United Kingdom. It may seem that this is a unique right to the United States but this is deeply related to individual rights of resistance which has existed in United Kingdom since Magna Carta was agreed by King John of England on June 15th, 1215. This meant that this rights of resistance regardless of social classes and financial background is guaranteed under Magna Carta. This is one of the rights that is deeply related to Independence War between United States and United Kingdom.

United Kingdom and United States of America was able to bury the hatchet as Britain admits the individual rights of resistance regardless of classes.

The culture of United Kingdom and United States differ in many ways. After the Declaration of Independence, United States has cultivated different history and culture. The individual rights to freedom of expression is one of the most important background ideology in the United States. Each individual rights must not be censored or monitored by the government for the convenience of the government.

Thinking above the topic, the question arises regarding the culture of Islam should be as a part of education. People have freedom of rights in religious beliefs and this means that people should not be infringed from practicing religion in public places. In my opinion, there is no reason that Christian children must learn the custom of Islam as a part of education. At the same time, this contradicts the spirit of founding fathers of the United States of America.

The issues does not end in introducing education to children about Islam at school. Sharia Law is practiced in majority of the Islamic State. We tell Christians but there are various sects in Christianity and the custom differs depending on the sects. However, tolerating with Sharia Law and applying to courts in the United States obviously violate the rights of people living in the United States. However, in many cases, there are mosques that teach Sharia Law in the United States and those mosques are promoting Americans to convert to Islam.

Some journalists condemn and tries to make some people look like they are discriminating Muslims, ignoring the reality and existence of Sharia Law. Promoting Sharia Law contradicts the Constitution of the United States, above all. United States will not be ruled by Sharia Law by nature. It is a shame that so-called liberal journalists do not consider the potential risks of “diversity of the population” promoted by refugee policies. United States has her own culture and history that cherish the hard work and capitalism. However, in reality, more and more tax dollars are spent on refugees.

The scary part of accepting refugees by giving temporary visa is that there are potential risks of terrorists entering into the country. It is not just refugees that are given temporary visa to stay in the countries. The refugees are not necessarily eligible for refugee status like young children without their parents.

As I mentioned, United States have gone through her unique history and cultivated unique culture that I cherish.

50 years later, will the culture still be cherished among people? This is about the identity of people, which is the most important, to people’s daily lives. However, this is now in crisis because of political correctness.

The individual has the right to resist against the political correctness. Some people take this as discrimination or violation of human rights. Some people say diversity is the nature of U.S. culture.

However, going back to the very principle of the country, United States, what is the most important thing to people now?

Where is the culture that I as well as many traditional Americans cherish going?

American people are not against immigration. The priority is to love the country, America, as it is and accumulate the culture and history.




Defending Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a conference with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, on September 22nd, 2o15.

As a Prime Minister, one of the main duties is to defend the country from invasion from neighboring nations and, at the same time, terrorists. While the world is paying attention to ISIS and refugees, Prime Minister Netanyahu had one important intention to have conference with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

Now, Russian troops are supporting Assad Regime from ISIS. As Russian troops are in Syria realistically, there is one big concern to Israel.

The concern of administration of Israel goes back to 1960s. Anyone remembers what the concern is?

From June 5th to 10th, 1967, there was a military clash among Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. It is generally called Six-Day War. It is also called Arab-Israeli War. From this war, Israel conquered Golan Heights, which was essential to strengthen defense of Israel from invasion from other countries and terrorists.

Now, Putin is giving hands to Assad Regime regarding issues of ISIS, Israel has no choice but to make it clear regarding the issues of Golan Heights that was captured by Israel more than 50 years ago. This is not the story of the current administration. However, if Russian troops intervene the clash of Assad Regime regarding ISIS, the issue of Golan Heights arises.

With historical background Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an official conference with Presiden Vladimir Putin(Russia) to avoid military clash. At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to confirm that there will be no military clash relating to Golan Heights.

If Israel loses Golan Heights, it becomes difficult to defend the country. The only option left was to have a peace talk with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before it becomes unclear and in case Syria starts to claim their rights to hold Golan Heights, it was necessary to meet the Russian President and make a full deal including what measure for ISIS in the future. Depending on the situation, the issue regarding Golan Heights ends with peace talk.

A lot of people think that Israel has been invading neighboring nations. Especially, some NGOs have been promoting hatred against Israel by educating refugees. However, realistically, it is impossible to defend the nation for geographical reasons without strong defense that has been taken for decades since Israel was founded.

A lot of lawmakers are reluctant to meet Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, to negotiate various issues. However, without negotiation with Russia, there might be a disaster which is beyond our imagination. It is important to make a deal with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, now at this moment, rather than shutting Russia out as some lawmakers do.

Lastly, if Assad Regime is not supported, Syria will be the second Iraq, the total disaster. However, the issue regarding Golan Heights had to be discussed urgently because Russia started to intervene the measure against ISIS.

Prime Minister Netanyahu made a very wise choice and moved forward to have a peace talk with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.


Good for Your Future Health?

How far do you trust the information provided by FDA or government institution regarding information on medicine?

There are countless medical malpractice promoted by the government while innocent people have choice to listen to the advice by the government institution.

What happens if the information by the government is “imprecise” and cause hospitals to promote millions of medical malpractice?

In late 2000 to 2010s, Cervical cancer became a major health issue and Japanese media discuss the cancer as women’s potential health issue when women turn 30s to 40s. Above major media, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare(The Japanese Ministry) started to promote taking vaccine for Cervical cancer to avoid future cancer to teenage girls, basically women under 20 years old.

There were controversial opinions regarding promoting vaccine to girls under 20 years old. One of the reasons was it works for certain types of Cervical cancer, not all types of cancer. The brief explanation that are for promoting vaccine was Cervical cancer is caused by virus and could be preventable through taking vaccine. However, there are several types of Cervical cancer and people may be infected virus and develop cancer even though they take vaccine promoted by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

In 2010s, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare started to promote taking one type of vaccine to women under 20 years old.

The cynical fact is… when Great East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11th, 2011, all the variety shows and commercial broadcasting stopped most of the comedy shows and commercials for commercial purposes, the commercial to promote taking vaccine for Cervical cancer was never stopped. Majority of the commercial became promoting taking vaccine for Cervical cancer for “women’s health.”

Ordinary people who do not have any knowledge of medicine and healthcare started to take girls to women’s clinic to take vaccine for Cervical cancer. Now, in 2015, problems which Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare did not expect started to arise.

The bones of the girls who took the vaccine for Cervical cancer as Japanese Government promoted started deformation. At the same time, other serious health problems started to be reported. One athletic girl who were very active started not to be able to move and now she cannot even go to school.

The reaction of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare rejects the complaints and all the negative reports and side effects which were caused by Cervical cancer, which the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare is still promoting.

The defect of the bureaucracy is issues and problems are not handled promptly so that there will be no more victims. This is just one case in the history of the Ministry.

At the same time, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare promotes as if the vaccine for Cervical cancer worked for every types of Cervical cancer, which is simply not true.

Ultimately, the issue is handled by private hospitals’s explanation. Of course, as an exception, there are doctors who give explanation from conscience and from medical responsibility as a physician. However, majority of the hospitals irresponsibly mock the promotion by Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare and never try to even pay attention to the victims’ voice. They say, “They did what was right. The Government sponsors it and it is not ‘our responsibility’.'”

Who is supposed to take responsibility of the victims of the vaccine for Cervical cancer?

Who promoted the vaccine for Cervical cancer in the very first place? If Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says “NO” they do not have to do any further research for the victims?

This is the world of bureaucracy. No one has to take responsibility of what they do.

When most of the people forget as the major media stop covering the cases of serious health issues caused by the vaccine which was promoted by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, they will start to admit and finally start further investigation on the victims of the vaccine?

My opinion is… TOO LATE.

At the same time, almost all the hospitals keeps Medical records of the patients for five years, the victims of the vaccine start to have to fight with the government malpractice with “no” medical records for decades.

I would like to ask.

How is Ministry of Health, Labor, and  Welfare going to deal with the problems decades after the serious symptoms the girls/women have after they took the vaccine for Cervical cancer? Or are they going to keep saying “no” until it becomes very hard to trace Medical records of the patients? Or, are they going to admit the mistake decades after like the case of hepatitis caused by drug disaster?

What is bureaucracy? Is it just a power game? Or, who exactly is going to take responsibility for the girls who have difficulty living their lives for the rest of their lives?

What is the value of a person’s life?

Is the value of “life” decided by the government?

Who is going to pay for the girls’/women’s compensation and how is it going to be decided?

There are drugs used in several/many countries. Depending on the number of the lawsuits and regulations, the pharmaceutical companies information is disclosed very differently.

Depending on the country, the risk of side effects changes.

How does that happen and what allows that?

Above The Constitution

Article 9 in Chapter II is stipulated as follows:

Chapter II


Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right  of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air force, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.


This is the current Constitution of Japan. I am not writing with motivated ideology. However, a lot of news media are not reporting the international society precisely why the Japan Self-Defense Force is “militarized” after 70 years after World War II.

There is an interesting fact that Abe administration is able to “change” the definition of the Japan Self-Defense Force. Most of the major media reported that Abe administration went toward militarization of the Japan Self-Defense Force in 70 years. Ultimately, partial information is passed down to international society.

However, it turned out that Abe administration is able to change the definition of the Japan Defense Force without the amendment of the Constitution of Japan. The background reason is the treaty called “Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.” It may be surprising to some people but the Japan Defense Force is not defined in the current Constitution of Japan. In Japan, Japan-U.S. Security Treaty is considered to be positioned above the Constitution of Japan. Therefore, it turned out that it is possible to control within the Cabinet of Japan regarding Japan Self-Defense Force.

The Japan Self-Defense Force(JSDF) was formed as National Police Reserve on August 10th, 1952 based on the ordinance of GHQ. Realistically, it is formed for the purpose of defense activities for the nation. Japan Self-Defense Force has been on active operation for rescue activities and other defense activities. Abe administration found one way to change the definition of Japan Self-Defense Force without amending Article 9. Chapter II, which has been a major issue for decades in Japanese politics.

I do admit that Japan Self-Defense Force is going to be militarized as major media says. However, the background stories differ from what media broadcast on TV or newspapers.

One of the reasons Abe administration decided to amend the definition of Japan Self-Defense Force(JSDF) inside the cabinet is the intricate and time-consuming process of amending Article 96, which writes about the process of amendment of the Constitution of Japan.

The Article 96, Chapter IX Amendments, is as follows:

Amendments to this Constitution shall be initiated by the Diet, through a concurring vote of two-thirds or more of all the members of each House and shall thereupon be submitted to the people for ratification, which shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of all votes cast thereon, at a special referendum or at such election as the Diet shall specify.

(2) Amendments when so ratified shall immediately be promulgated by the Emperor in the name of the people, as an integral part of this Constitution.

The amendment of the Constitution requires at least two-thirds of the votes in the Diet. After the amendment is passed inside the diet, it requires to get majority of the votes from people.

That is one of the reasons why Abe administration did not choose to amend Chapter 9 in Chapter II. It could be very risky to go through amendment of the current Constitution. At the same time it turned out that it is not necessary to go through amendment of the current Constitution as the definition of Japan Self-Defense Force is above the Constitution of Japan.

Even though it is possible to make changes based on Japan-U.S. Security Treaty because of the territorial threat Japan is facing, what do you think of the drastic change in definition of Japan Self-Defense Force 70 years after World War II?

I am not writing this article based on motivated ideology. I would like you to consider and know the situation of Japan at this moment more precisely without media bias.